Meet Our Chef


Meet our Chef

Our executive chef joined Mango Tree..On the Beach last year and since then, he’s been constantly innovating and experimenting, and striving to put Mango Tree on the fore of fine dining. The chef has fairly contributed to the growth of our team’s culinary literacy, and with their innate creativity, has brought to the table a number of innovative and exciting menus.

Our chef has a fair idea of how food and its ingredients function in the kitchen and the body, and the very same intention is reflected in our menu.

We Pursue Flavor

Delicious Food

Chef Recommended

Fried Red Curry With Shrimps

A pure Thai dish, fried red curry with shrimps is a perfect late night delicacy that goes well with calming beach.

Lobster Baked With Tamarind Sauce

There’s perhaps no better way to cook a lobster than by dipping its tender meat into a rich, enticing tamarind sauce. Not just a dish, but a piece of art.

Sweet And Sour Fish

This Chinese inspired recipe, fried and drenched in sweet and sour sauce, is a delicious fish dish, which leaves everyone asking for more.

Fried Crab With Chili Paste

Pan fried whole crab with caramelized sugar and fish sauce; garnished with lime juice and Thai basil is a piece of heaven in your platter.

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  • CALL US NOW: +66 81 797 7199